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Gtn Fitness - The first Official Calisthenics Training brand In London


personal trainer st johns wood
Nick Gtn Mason - personal trainer Maida Vale W9 & St Johns Wood
Calisthenics - Youth Personal Training - Maida Vale - St Johns Wood - Paddington Recreation Ground

About Personal Training 

GTN Fitness is a Company that is here introduce people to the most effective & natural way of reaching optimal Health & Fitness. Our Company specialises in Bodyweight training also known as Calisthenics in a style that you will not see anywhere else. The fantastic mix of Bodyweight Training (Calisthenics), HIIT, Martial Arts, Movement, Functional Training, Boxing and our created exercises has made GTN Fitness a unique way of helping clients acheive there desired goals. All our Personal Trainers are fully qualified at level 3 minimum, fully insured, registered with the UK's register of exercise professionals and have over 10 years experience within the Health and Fitness industry. 


As stated above our training methods are based on using your own bodyweight. One of the greatest benefits of training this way is that you can potentially train in any location at any time. Whether your in your local park, home or office you can get busy with some of the exercises you will learn in your time training with our team.


All GTN Fitness personal trainers are mobile but our main locations for Personal Training is at Paddington Recreation Ground, Maida Vale, London W9 1PD and Primrose Hill Park NW1 4NR.

Personal training sessions and packages will vary. All packages will be specifically designed to suit all our clients needs, goals and abilities. Yes we train hard with all our sessions but as some of the fittest people in the world say "If it doesn't challenge you, it will never change you". No we will never push anyone beyond there limit, but we will push you to reach your highest level and show you how great you really are.

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Training Available 

Calisthenics - Calisthenics also known as Bodyweight Training from a beginner level to advanced.

Athlete/Sports Conditioning - High level conditioning that is highly recommended for all those that play sports and do combat.

Ultimate combination  - Unique style of training combing all training styles available from us. Awesome for optimal fitness and health.

Weightloss - A special designed programme combining Cardio, Hiit, Calisthenics and conditioning to burn fat faster than most. (Includes nutrition)

Self defence - Reality self defence for staying safe and confident. Ghis is a combination of Boxing, Krav Maga, Kickboxing and Conditioning.

Train to heal - Rehabilitation training designed specifically for our clients. This is combined with massage and mobility training.

Why Train with us?

To start I must state that GTN Fitness is not a company that is here to sell you a great story to boost our income. We genuinley care for the health and wellness of yourself and every human on this planet. Many people are not aware that regular exercise not only makes you feel & look great but it dramatically minimises your chances of getting numerous diseases such Cancer & Heart disease. Some of the main benefits of training with us is listed below, feel free to contact us for more info.


Lose up to 30lbs in 12 weeks (Our Record) ✅


Reach a strength level that will genuinly amaze you ✅

We guarantee to help you reach your wanted goals fast and safely ✅

Full nutritional advice and support (Includes daily reviewing) ✅

10 years experience of working with clients from Beginner level to professional athlete level ✅

We have proven track record of not only helping injuries but to avoid them also. ✅

We're very flexible with times and locations you wish to train ✅

All our trainers is the equivalent of having a Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist, Physiotherapists all in one ✅

We will motivate you to reach levels you think is literally impossible ✅


Personal Training (Prices & Packages)

Pay as you go

£50 per hour 

£25 per half hour

(Trial session half price)

Basic Package

£50 per hour (5 sessions)

Price of package £250

Lets Go


£40 per hour (10 session)

Price of package £400

Includes Fitness & Nutrition Plan



£35 per hour (20 sessions)

Price of package £700

Includes Fitness & Nutrition Plan

     * Sessions can be used at any time or location but must be taken within 365 days of payment date.

Please note we offer a free consultation to all our clients to discuss your goals and the best package to reach those goals in the shortest time possible. To book your free consultation please contact us at or alternativley call us on 07958535112. (Whatsapp messages also accepted)

How to make payment

We accept payments directly into our Business Bank account or alternatively by cash in hand. When making payments please use your full name as a reference and keep your receipt for proof of purchase. (Please contact us for our Banking details). We do not accept payments via Paypal becuase we believe this method is not safe.

Popular Training Locations

Below is a list of the main locations our training sessions take place. 

- Paddington Recreation Ground, Maida Vale - W9 1PD

- Primrose Hill Park, NW1 4NR

- Gymbox Gyms, Across London

- Home or Hotel visit, West & Central London

For more information about any of the locations please send us an email. Note we also offer training at locations not names above upon request.

Outdoor Park Personal Trainer - Paddington Recreation Ground - Maida Vale - W9 1PD

IPaddington Recreation Ground 

Calisthenics Personal Training - Paddington Recreation Ground - Maida Vale - W9 1PD & Primrose Hill Park - Outdoors in the park

Primrose Hill Calisthenics Park

CalIsthenics Personal Trainer - West & Central London

Gymbox Gyms London

Hire a Personal Trainer to come to your Home or in your Hotel - West & Central London

Train At Home Or Hotel (Mobile)

This is ideal for those who want to Train in the covenience of there own home, hotel or any other place you they reside. 



Gtn Fitness - Calisthenics Personal Trainer - Paddington Recreation Ground - Maida Vale - W9 1PG

Sven Peterson

(Egon Zehnder)

  The best Personal Trainer/Coach I have worked with by far. He is not just a trainer but a life changer.

Calisthenics Personal Training - West and Central London

Austin Daboh

(Atlantic Records E.V.P)

 Excellent Personal Trainer.

In my first week of training I dropped belt size which is bizarre.

Calisthenics Coach London

Chris Irvine (Fox News)

I met Nick over the summer and instantly started seeing results. We worked mainly upper body with cardio thrown in and he helped me towards achieving my goals of dropping weight and toning up. He pushed me and worked me HARD, but knew I was able to take it and helped me find that extra 10 per cent that I wouldn't have been able to find by myself. It also helps that he's a bloody nice guy and he makes you look forward to your next session.

Calisthenics Gym London

Jessamay Vero

(Odgers Berndtson)

Nick is a fantastic trainer and I would highly recommend him. He was brilliant at listening to what I wanted and designing a personalised work out session to suit my needs. The workouts were excellent- a good balance of cardio, floor work and weights which was tough yet rewarding! He introduced new techniques that targeted key problem areas. Just the right amount of intensity, he gets results!

Caroline Ross - Channel 4 - Gtn Fitness Review

Caroline Ross

(Channel 4)

Gtn Fitness is awesome.

The coach Nick has has a great attention to detail. I recommend him highly.

Calisthenics training - Paddington Recreation Ground - Maida Vale - W9 1PG

Chris Lees

For anyone looking for a trainer in London who will keep you motivate, focused and knows their business, I cant recommend GTN Fitness highly enough! No BS, just results! If I Can do it, You Can do it 

All trainers covered by 

Insure 4 Sport

Personal Trainer for Kids - Youth - Children

Trainers are registered exercise professionals 

Beginners Calisthenics Training In London