GTN Fitness is the home of Urban Health & Fitness.  We produce exclusive content which includes Interviews, Workout routines, Tutorials, Advice/Tips, Debates and Music. (All Health & Fitness orientated)   Whether your a Fitness Junkie/Health freak seeking regular entertainment that relates to your lifestyle or maybe your into Weight Training in the gym, Calisthenics in your local park. You might be a Vegan or a Meat eater. Regardless this website is for you!!!!

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GTN Fitness - Ceo Shortz1 with Lydia Mok
GTN Fitness - Ceo Shortz1 with Model from UK
GTN Fitness - Ceo Shortz1 with Kris Kiehling The Eastenders Market Inspector

"You can have £10,000,000 in your bank, A big mansion, fast car, but without good health nothing is enjoyable" TRUE WEALTH IS HEALTH!!!

GTN Fitness - Shortz1 - Intermediate Calisthenics

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